Salos chapel first time mentioned in 1771, when Salos manor was ruled by Kristupas Marikonis. New current church was built in 1887-188 by architect Georg Werner project. This project was supported by countess Marija Tyzenhauzaitė Pšezdzieckienė.

The history of church’s bells is much more interesting. At the beginning of the World War I bells had to be hung down and being taken to Moscow by Russian army order. Then the pastor of Salos J. Paliukas defied order. Bells were removed from tower and buried under the ground in a park. After the war, bells were hung in a temporary belfry. Bells were in even bigger danger during World War II. Germans took bells to Rokiškis railway station. Brave men made Germans soldiers get drunk and thats how bells were saved. The bells swayed again in the belfry after the War. Two of three bells have names: the great bell is Jurgis and the second one is Apolinaras. The third bell has no name, however, he avoided danger because in 1921 was lended to Adomynė church and wasn’t return to Salos until 1984.

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