After visiting the Rokiškis Regional Museum, you will visit the Obeliai Liberty Battles History museum. The museum has more than 9,000 exhibits, including partisan combat papers, partisan diaries, flags, military uniforms, a valuable set of numismatics, and a collection of old wooden sculptures. The largest part of the exhibit consists of documents, photographs, leaflets, personal belongings of the Vytautas County Bear Partisans. In Obeliai cemetery there is a restored monument dedicated to the remembrance of 1941 victims of the June uprising. In the picturesque and hilly areas of Aleksandravėlė, you will visit the unique cemetery of Degučiai and a monument to the poet P. Širvys. When you go to Kriaunos, you will climb into 35 meters high observation tower near Sartai lake. In the History Museum of Kriaunos, you will get acquainted with the history of Kriaunos and ethnography. During the educational program ,,Bitutė pilkoji” you will learn everything about bees and make a souvenir candle from wax. In the village of Kriaunos, on the shores of lake Sartai, you will treat yourself with unique porridge, which was cooked on a bonfire. The route will continue on the water, where you will go on a ferry boat voyage across the lake of Sartai. You will sail near the Great island of the lake, Sartai observation tower, one of the most beautiful countryside farmsteads in the area ,,Žiogelis”. A tour guide will tell tales about Sartai, the legend of Kriaunos creation and many other stories. The introduction program of Kriaunos  cultural and culinary heritage will invite you to stay longer on the lake shore.