During the tour, you will visit four manor farmsteads of the district, which hospitably welcomes visitors by introducing the historical cultural heritage and offering various educational programs, food tastings and other tourism services. The Rokiškis Manor, where the regional museum is located, has the biggest number of educational programs for children and adults of them all. The museum workers have prepared about 40 different cognitive, entertainment, cultural and ethnographic educational programs. Classical music is very common in this manor. The Ilzenberg estate is famous for its modern bio-dynamic farm, organic food and its tasting. Gačionys Manor is an example of a wooden manor restoration. The interior of a small manor is restored based on the old photos which warms the visitor with coziness and sincerity. Salos (Kamajai dist.) – a place which is surrounded by magnificent stories and romantic legends, is one of the most unique and beautiful places in the country: on the island of Dviragis lake (the largest lake island in Lithuania – 73 ha) is a town, which contours resemble a miniature Lithuania which is decorated by a neoclassical style manor telling the stories of Kęsgailos, Radvilos, Moriconi and count Tyzenhaus lives. Here is also one of the oldest Lithuanian parks, astonishing its visitors by its giant poplars. At the time of the nobility the park was famous for its menagerie and the bears that lived there. For those who do not like luxury, it is a great place in the manor to celebrate company or institution celebrations, private anniversaries, weddings.