After visiting the expositions of Rokiškis Manor-Museum, St. Matas church, tasting the cheeses made in Rokiškis, you will go to the Latvian border. The only fully restored manor in Lithuania is the Ilzenberg Manor House, a white-faced palace, surrounded by natural beauty and in harmony with nature. Unique, largest active farm in the manor in the Baltic states, exceptionally working by the principles of organic farming and the highest ecological standards. Farm is taking care of plants and animals welfare, no chemical fertilizers or other artificial additives are used, neither in growing nor in the production of products – everything here is born and grown naturally. The hosts of the estate will invite to taste the products grown and produced in accordance with the natural farming traditions. Together with the guide you will travel to the world of real estate stories and legends. Visitors are welcome to visit the warehouse and purchase farm products. From the Ilzenberg estate you will go to another area of ​​Rokiškis region – Taručiai village, in the district of Suvainiškis. Here, in a cozy country house, you will taste traditional Lithuanian fruit and berry wines. The winemaker will enlighten you about the vineyard cherished by his family, showing the pride of the estate – a wine cellar.