In the village of Pakriauniai, near the Kriauna river,  a stone with the “Footprints of God, angel and devil”, which legend is narrated by the locals, is worth a visit. In the grove of Pakriauniai, there is the cemetery of the manor and the church founders Pliateriai and Vaizenhof families. Alfonsas Adamonis farmstead in Knysos Village, has a small woodcarvers exposition prepared in his house.

One of the most famous objects in the vicinity of Kriaunos is the Bagdoniškis manor house, which was built in the 19th century and belonged to the family of professor Mykolas Riomeris (1880-1945). The rich and noble family of the Riomeriai originates from Saxony and they reached the land of Lithuania in the 17th century. They raised a lot of personalities: politicians, rebels for the freedom of the country, famous artists. Professor M. Riomeris childhood and youth passed by in Bagdoniškis manor, where he always returned to as a cradle of tranquility and fullness. Buried in the Rasų cemetery in Vilnius.