1981 The folklore ensemble was founded and for 9 years it was headed by Algirdas Svidinskas. Since 1991 This group is led by Nida Lungienė together with Giedrius Viduulis, and since 1997, by 2007 - with Egidijus Kundrotas. Since 2009 Giedrius - again the head of the instrumental group. The group is attended by 25 members aged 25 to 56 years old. Repertoire - songs, dances, cats, concerts, instrumental music from Rokiškis and other Aukštaitija regions.

Important attention is paid to the legacy of the old floor - the contractual ones, which the ensembles sing, dance, sculpt, blow horns, and call 5 kinkles. A large part of the repertoire was recorded by the Ensemble's ethno expedition itself (held since 1982).

"Gastauta" prepared programs: theatrical concert "Atai rudenėlis" (1983); Granting the name of the folk band "Gastautas" (1989) and the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of this occasion (1999); anniversary of the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversaries, "Devotional", contractual; the soundtrack "Gastauta" (1992) and CD "Gastauta" (2004) release, etc.

LRT films about “Gastauta” (1989), and the film “One day with Gastauta” was created on the occasion of the 20th anniversary (2002) in the LRT “Ethnocultural Circle”. The ensemble includes various events: the international “Unt tevelia dvara” (1989-1991), the Craft, folklore and theater “Tevuči pakluonej” (1992-1997) and the district Armonikierius (1992-1995); lectures (1992-1994 and since 2000) and calendar days – Rasa (1990-1996); Yorkshire (1985 -1992); Motherland (since 1990), Lithuanian regional festival “Where will I go” (2004); The organizer and participant of the Lithuanian and Latvian Celebration “Where will I go” (2005) and others. 2005 participated in the project “Burning Beer Tradition”.

The goal of folklore ensemble “Gastauta” is to promote Aukštaitijos folklore (especially contractual performance) in an effort to maintain authenticity, and to clearly distinguish and interpret contemporary folklore methods.

The collective participated in republican celebrations, as well as in international folklore festivals in Lithuania: “On the Black Sea Coast” in Rumšiškės (1984, 1986); “Looks like kankliai” in Vilnius (1985, 1994, 1999); “Atataria laminas” in Kaunas (1986-1988); “Baltica” in Vilnius (1988, 1993, 1996); Republican Song Festival (1994, 1998, 2003, 2007, 2014); “The cliff on the hill” in Ukmerge (1999); “Lingaudala” in Kupiškis (1999, 2001, 2005, 2007); “Comes to grassland” in Siauliai (2001); “Flying in the air at Mosedice” (2001); “Parbige boat” in Klaipeda (2002); “Tek saulęe on maračiai” in Nida (2002-2004), etc.

In 2008, participated in the international folklore festival “Baltica-2008” in Vilnius. Ensemble concerts in other countries: Latvia (1985, 2003-12); In Poland (1987 and 2006, 07); Belarus (1991 and 2014); Ukraine (1992); Germany (1994, 1995, 1996); England (1996); France (1997); Bulgaria (2006).