The route tells about the ensemble of Rokiškis manor house, the old town square, St. Matas church. After going to Panemunėlis, you will visit St. Juozapas Guardian church and in its churchyard the grave of the daractor, priest J. Katelė. Nearby is the J. Katelė museum, the craft center and the woodcarving workshop of Vidmantas Zakarkas, where you can see the works of a godmaker and a spoonmaker. You will visit the Tunaičiai family museum of ethnography in Šetekšnės village. The most beautiful cultural heritage site in the islands is Salų manor house ensemble, located on the biggest lake island in Lithuania. In the buildings of the manor ensemble you will introduce yourself with the traditional craftsman ceramic Igor Kovalevsky and try the pottery crafts. In the direction of Kamajai, you will pass the restored Petriošišis manor. Kamajai is famous for the fact that for a long time here the poet Antanas Strazdas was a priest. A monument to this poet was built in the urban square and his remains lie in the town’s cemetery.