Excursion introduces the history of the city, which is mentioned in written sources for more than 515 years. When you arrive at the central square of the city, you will hear a tour guide about the construction of the St. Matas church ensemble and will visit the crypt of burial graves under the central altar of the church. While walking the reconstructed Tyzenhauzai avenue, which leads between the two manor ponds, you will reach the manor gate. The manor house, which is surrounded by old park trees, has the regional museum established in its territory. The museum workers will invite you to visit exclusive exhibitions and in the educational program “Cheese road” you will be able to taste the notorious Rokiškis cheeses. Later, you will take a walk along the painted shutters street and visit Lionginas Šepka wood sculpture park. The mythological Velniakalnis is a sacral suburb of Rokiškis, you will be captivated by the chapels of Kalvarija, depicting the stations of Christ’s suffering. Kalvarija is surrounded by 500 oak groves and Velniakalnis sports ground.