The international tourist route continues through the towns and estates of Lithuania: the Rokiškis and Salos estates, the Old Town of Rokiškis, the Taujėnai manor in Ukmergė district, the Kairėnai manor in Vilnius, the Old Town of Vilnius, the Kaunas M. Žilinskas gallery, the Plateliai manor in Plungė district, the Žemaičių museum in Telšiai and the cities of Belarus: Pastavy, Minsk and Grodno. During the route the ancient and powerful German descent of Tyzenhaus family is presented. They originate from the Holstein lands. The Tyzenhaus family came to Rokiškis from Pastovy (Belarus). They built a magnificent classicist manor ensemble, formed a stylish and exclusive old town, funded the construction of the St. Matas church. The Tyzenhaus family have raised many of the prominent personalities. One of them is the first Lithuanian woman writer Sofija Tyzenhauzaitė. She was not only educated, but also one of the most beautiful women of that period. The Russian emperor Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte were fascinated by her beauty. Kanstantyn Tyzenhaus was a world-class ornithologist who collected an ornithological collection, which is protected at the University of Vilnius. Rejnold Tyzenhaus is the pioneer of Lithuania’s shipping.

During the tour, we offer to see the museum’s educational program “Returned to live …”. This is the story of the women of Tyzenhaus family about their lives, about their works – written books, paintings, built churches.