Craft is the heart and blood of every community, maintaining vitality, promoting continuous improvement and growth. The Rokiškis region has grown a lot of great craftsmen, with its exclusive work, which surprises both the countrymen and the guests. These are people who work passionately, responsibly, professionally and with all their hearts. We invite you to get acquainted with the prominent craftsmen of Rokiškis region and their products, to hear their wonderful stories! No doubt you’ll be delighted. The values ​​of the cultural heritage need to be considered in a complex way and other areas of policy should be used for the benefit of the heritage. Conversely, the potential of cultural heritage is exploited for the needs of other spheres. Traditional crafts and services in Rokiškis and throughout Lithuania have a very wide area, covering activities such as rock placement, milling, roofing, carving, pottery, folk instruments and other ethnic heritage, culinary production, grass-hopping, wine making, chimney sweeping, traditional singing, national growing of old plants and livestock, etc.


Raimundas Nagelė

A traditional craftsman of Certified National Heritage products, a craftsman of the old wine making industry. The craft was taken over by Mom.


  • Blackcurrant wine
  • Red Currant Wine
  • Cherry Wine
  • Raspberry-Cherry Wine
  • Cranberry-Apple Wine
  • Apple Wine
  • Agrarian Wine
  • Apple-Aronia Wine
  • Raspberry wine

Alė Gegelevičienė

A traditional craftsman of certified national heritage products, a nurse of the old weaving, knitting, sewing and embroidery company.


  • Skirt fabrics
  • Waist-cloths
  • Skirts
  • Apron Cloths
  • Shirt fabrics
  • Men’s vests
  • Appendices
  • Pants

Vidmantas Zakarka

Traditional craftswoman of Certified National Heritage products, craftsman of the old cross-breeding and spoonscale. Traditional craftsman.


  • Crosses
  • Chapters
  • Spoons
  • Wells

Igoris Kovalevskis

A traditional craftsman of Certified National Heritage products, a nurse of the old pottery crafts. Traditional craftsman.


  • Jugs
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Closet
  • Bottles

Elvyra Keršulienė

Traditional craftswoman of Certified National Heritage products, exporter of old knitting and weaving crafts, exhibitor.


  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Wrists
  • Wavy bands
  • Selected Bands

Genė Šimėnienė

A traditional craftsman of Certified National Heritage products, a nurse of the old weaving crafts. Traditional craftsman.


  • Tablecloth fabrics
  • Bedspread fabrics
  • Towel Fabrics

Gita Kolosovienė

A traditional craftsman of certified national heritage products, a cousin of the old craftsmen - cutters.


  • window curtains;

Jūratė Puslienė

The traditional craftsman of the Certified National Heritage products, a nurse of the old cooking crafts.


  • Simple Stewed Bread


National heritage products – traditional products, traditional varieties of plants and animals and their products, traditional services certified in accordance with the established procedure (Categories A and B), traditional services characterized by the traditional form of the product that originated in Lithuania or in its separate ethnographic region , composition and other specific qualitative features.
Certification – A procedure for assessing whether a national heritage product, a traditional craftsman, traditional crafts curriculum, and traditional fairs meet the requirements for them. Compliance is certified by a certificate document.
Traditional Crafts – Individual or collective action based on generation-by-passing experiences and specialist skills for the continuous development and implementation of national heritage products. Traditional crafts include the production of traditional products, the breeding and cultivation of traditional varieties of plants and animals, the production of their products, the collection and processing of natural goods, and the provision of traditional services.
Traditional craftsman is a natural person in a traditional job.
Traditional craftsmanship – A tailored craftsman who is able to pass traditional crafts skills to other people.
Traditional products – handicrafts, food products, folk instruments and other ethnic tangible heritage products made from traditional raw materials using handmade and other old or new technologies compatible with unpackaged products and preserving unique qualitative features of the product and composition.
Traditional services – Traditional production demonstration, horse rolling, chimney sweeping, folklore (musical, vocal and other) services, traditional events (calendar and family celebrations, traditional fairs and similar events) and other ethnic cultures based services.
Traditional plant and animal breeds – National varieties of old plants and animals.
Traditional fairs – Certified events organized in the regions of Lithuania with historically established cultural traditions and in which more than half of the products sold are services of national heritage, and these realization or demonstration is the main goal of the event.