When you have already familiarized yourself with the Rokiškis Manor House, the Old Town Square and the history of the St. Matas church you will go on a sightseeing tour of the area. In the small village of Laibgaliai, there is a private museum of Vaclovas Kontrauskas. You have not seen so many of both the Soviet-era and already non-existing art combinations, as far as Mr. Vaclovas has accumulated. More than 6000 exhibits have been collected in the family homestead. It is not only the work of the Fine Arts and Folk Art Work, but the works of straw, blacksmiths, ceramic moldings, veneered paintings… Under a specially equipped shed – chariots, wagons, sledges, knobs, wooden barrels. After visiting Laibgaliai, you will go to the authentic renovated wooden Rosen barons family estate in Gačionys village. The palace is restored based on old pictures: restored interior, managed environment. The connection with the landscape is emphasized by the park – about 2 km long linden tree alley, overlooking the Gačionys lake. After four kilometers, in the town of Jūžintai, you are invited to visit St. Mykolas Archangel’s church, former penance canaanite monastery with surviving monks and burial crypts in church cellars. At the community home you will try antique regional dishes and rustic bread baked in the oven, whose traditions last for two hundred years. When you go for a walk to Dauliūnai Forest Park, you might taste some water which is offered by a mythical being – the devil. (The program is for adults.)