One of the most studied castle mounds in Kriaunos district is the mound of Petrašiūnai. Various archaeological finds are stored at the museum of Kaunas history have been found at the foot of the mound that has been excavated several times. One ancient legend tells about the trapped treasures of Napoleon. In the remote farmstead of Petrašiūnai you can see a collection of plants: birches, maples, astilbs, hens, rhododendrons, water lilies and other decorative plants and admire the peaceful nature. This farmstead was recognized as the most beautiful country house in Lithuania. The bicycle route leads to the village of Margėnai, where the priest and poet Antanas Strazdas-Strazdelis (1760-1833), the author of the song “Pulkim ant kelių” was born. A monument for him was raised on the site of his home manor. Architectural monument, old believers prayer house – Bobriškis orthodox church, which was built in the 19th century, is a unique place near the Sartai lake. Old believers from Russia came here 300 years ago to avoid religious persecution, discrimination and social oppression. The oldest old believers cemetery in Lithuania, dating back to the beginning of the 18th century, is also nearby.