Virtual Route. We offer to go on the literary road of Rokiškis region and get acquainted with the revived ones on the route – memorable signs and meaningful events – creator’s homelands, paternal and important places of life. The route material testifies to the birth of different centuries, but the beginning of the creative path of the people of the same name – Antanas Strazdas, Antanas Vienažindis, Paulius Širvys – lives in the same way. The writings of Elena Mezginaitė’s father-in-law and the workplace of the famous Lithuanian poetess of Aukštaitija, the first women of Lithuania-women-Liudvika Didžiulienė-Žmona, expatriates writers Liudas Dovydenas and Alas Rūta’s life, science and creativity join the literary cognition of the land. The literary path of Rokiškis is fluttering the gels of Aleksandravėlė, Anapolis, Čedasai, Degučiai, Kamajai, Kriaunos, Laibgaliai, Margėnai, Panemunėlis. station, Rudžiai, Islands, Trumpiškis paths. Literature tourists will see the life and creative signs of renowned informational stands, tree sculptures and other signs of memory of Antanas Vienažindis, Liudvika Didžiulienė-Žmona, Elena Mezginaitė, Paulius Širvis, Antanas Strazdas, Liudas Dovydenas, Alė Rūta. Tourists follow the link – literally, on the Rokiškis Road route, will go virtual.

Virtual route