In Rokiškis manor, you will see count children’s porcelain toys, baptism shirts, clothing, and expressive children’s pictures. Museum has been prepared for children through 40 most exciting educational activities. It’s both shooting from the hunter’s bow, tea drinking ceremony according to counts, active English game croquet and a lot of everything else. Near the manor farmstead there is Bajorai Doll house, which has a large collection of dolls and of course, puppet theater ČIZ. They have produced several puppet shows and educational programs. Cheerful and full of the most unexpected sensations educational program – the afternoon with alpaca Šokoladas and his friends will introduce children to exotic birds and animals living in Birutė Dapkienė village farm. You will be able to ride the Russian steed Princesė, run on the open fields  with German shepherd Tora, play with small ducks and gooses. After collecting chicken eggs, you will cook wonderful omelette and during the painting lessons you will be able to perpetuate your impressions and the beauty of the nature.