After visiting the Rokiškis manor, church of St. Mathew and after taking a stroll through the central square of the city, we will invite you to taste the Rokiškis cheese “Grand” with some beer, which was brewed in Aukštaitija, in the authentic cellar under the Old Town, and for dinner we will offer you traditional dish – cepelinai. You will go to the town of Jūžintai to sample some black oven-baked bread, traditional dishes of the location and some baked beer. The town of Jūžintai is unique because of the of St. Juozapas custodian church and the authentic monk cells that remained there. In the nearby Gačionys manor you can try the dishes prepared by the owner of the manor, hear the story of the barons Rosens, and then take a walk along the old linden alley to the Gačionys lake shore. During the tourist season, you will swim across Sartai lake, will try ,,paskenduolė” or some porridge with a unique flavor, which recipe is preserved by the hostesses of Kriaunos. You will also visit Kriaunos history and ethnography museum. Then the route leads to the house of boletus and šakotis in Juodupė, where you will be able to cook šakotis or traditional mushrooms. You will be getting near to the next no less impressive Ilzenberg estate in Rokiškis district. The manor is unique in terms of its bio-dynamic farming and production that meets the highest ecological standards. Take a stroll through the manor park, taste some food which was produced here. You will sample bread, cake, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Before you go home, you can buy some farm produce. In the evening, the tasting of traditional homemade wine awaits you in the winemaker Raimundas farmstead. You will learn the secrets of wine making and how to combine wine with food for the best results.