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The Rokiškis Tourism and Traditional Craft Information and Coordination Center undertakes to ensure that the content of this website is accessible to people with various disabilities and disorders. To do this, our website is designed to be used in conjunction with keyboard shortcuts on your web browser with shortcut keys (shortcut keys) that provide quick access to the normal functions of the site without the need to use the mouse.

Keyboard Shortcuts for handicapped:

  • Press CTRL + + to increase font size;
  • Press the SHIFT key five times: turn the keystrokes on and off
  • Hold down the SHIFT key for eight seconds: turn on and turn off key filtering
  • Hold down the NUM LOCK key for five seconds: turn off and turn off the switching sound
  • Left ALT + Left SHIFT + NUM LOCK: Turns the mouse on and off the keyboard
  • Left ALT + Left SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN: Turns on and off the contrast image;

Other key combinations:

  • F1 – Calling Guide
  • F2 – Rename the selected directory or file name
  • F3 – Desktop search box opens
  • F5 – Refreshing image („refresh“)
  • F10 – Opens the program menu
  • Ctrl + A – Select all desktop objects
  • Alt + Enter – Opens the Object Properties panel
  • Alt – Underlined letter from the menu – Optional menu item
  • Ctrl + F4 – Closing window
  • Ctrl + C – Tagged objects are copied to computer memory
  • Ctrl + V – Paste objects in the selected place from the copied
  • Delete – Delete the selected item
  • Ctrl + D – Deleting the selected object
  • Alt + Space – Opens the window menu
  • Shift + F10 – Opens the selected item menu
  • Ctrl + Esc – Exits the Start menu
  • Alt + Tab – Select another window
  • Ctrl + Z – Cancel last action

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