The lake Sartai is a perfect place for the active rest. It’s a forth biggest but the longest lake in Lithuania (79 km long shore). From the bird eye view the form of the lake looks like a very branchy tree. One of the cleanest rivers Šventoji goes through the lake. The deepest point in the lake is 22 meters deep and the highest shores goes up to 30 meters high. The lake is full of the bays, peninsulas and has 6 islands that the total area of them is 13,2 ha.

The river Kriauna inflows to the lake from territory of Latvia. It is 50 km long and 37 km out of them are in Lithuania. When the river sediments it becomes one of the hardest trails for kayaking.

We are suggesting different routes for kayaking in the lake Sartai and river Kriauna. We deliver kayaks to the asked place. A possibility to rent a mobile sauna. In the campsite Bradesiai we suggesting you to swim with kayaks, paddle boards and boats. At the campsite you can stay for a night with a tent or camper.

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