A group of local activity (VVG) are making a sacred route witch will introduce with most famous clergymen that worked in Rokiškis region and special heritage objects. When this cultural idea of sacred route gets financed, the VVG is going to work on this with museum of Rokiškis.

Exhibitions – concerts are happening at the churches of Panemunėlis, Salos, Kamajai, Kriaunos, Onuškis, Panemunis, Rokiškis, Suvainiškis, in Jūžinatai and in the museum of Rokiškis.

The idea of pilgrims route is supported by a Lithuanian Council for Culture and Rokiškis District Municipality. The idea is being implemented by a group of local activity and partners from Rokiškis museum, community of villages and towns and the churches that belongs to the dean’s office of Rokiškis.


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