What to do on the weekend in Rokiskis?

What to do on the weekend in Rokiskis?

June 14 from 16:00 commemoration of mourning and hope day in Rokiskis.





 June 14  19:00 22nd premiere of theater “Šnekutis”. J. Marcinkevičius “Limitation Period”. Bajorai Culture House.





June 15 from 11:00 “Bath Day – 2019” in Velykalnis Park (Sporto st. 13)




June 15–16, 100th anniversary celebrations of Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union in Rokiskis.





June 15 13:00 The students of Utena Art School will present a concert of joyful music “Summer Harmonies”, which will play classics, folk melodies and popular music. Young violinists, fluteists, saxophonists will play in the concert. Students will play solo, duets, ensembles. Classical folk music ensembles will be beautifully integrated into the classical program.



June 15 d. from 12:00 Antaninės in Juodupė – indicative rally „Discover Juodupė – 2019″, fair, concert, youth music festival „Fander”.





June 15 15:00 Exhibition of works by former art school students and afternoon for the 35th anniversary of the school. Rokiškis Culture Center, 2nd floor lobby





June 16 11:00-14:00 at the Rokiškis Regional Museum “Mommy’s fair”.




The exhibition of the conceptual jewelery and object “NAMAS Namai” by Karina Kazlauskaitė acts in Rokiškis Regional Museum.





June 19 16:30 at the Rokiškis Cultural Center, the Poetry Corner invites you to the “Poetry Sandbox”.