The program is dedicated to the famous 19th century. the Tyznhauz Count (Constantine, Sofia, Reinold, Mary). Meet the ornithologist Konstantin Tyzenhauz’s scientific activity, you will hear a story about the first writer in the territory of the Grand Duchy of Sofia Tyzenhauzaite Šuazel-Gufje. Having visited the manor park, you will go to Rokiškis St. Matthew Apostle Evangelist Church. Here you will admire the Rokiškis Church, decorated with the values of the patrons of Reinhold and Maria Tyzenhauz, and you will find out about one of the first Lithuanian music schools founded and mourned by them.

For – For older students
Going on –  all year round
 Price  – 1.50 Eur
Duration – 1.5 hours
Number of participants  – 10 to 30 people

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