Fairy tale – education “wolf, goat and kid”

The artistic puppet theatre program, in which children will listen to the following fairy tale and will play their own role in creating the role of wolf Pilk, goat Cibos, baby goats and Calvary. They will be inspired by Wind, Rain, and wooden music instrumental played by audiences. Going on  – all year long For – […]

„My ancestry’s childhood“

The program is conducted in a smoky purchase – the environment inhabited by people of the 19th century. It has plenty of tasteful gadgets that you can touch: millstones malsite grains, you hit the seeds in the crust. You will see how it was spitted, washed away. When you sit around the table, you will […]


Croquet is derived from England. In the past, it was considered as aristocratic sport. 1900 Croquet even included in the Olympic program, but after one Olympiad removed. When you take part in the education, you will get acquainted with one of the aristocratic leisure methods of publishing. Find out how different croquet and cricket are. […]

„Return to live…“

This is the story of the women of Tyzenhaus family about their lives, about the work done – written books, painted paintings, built churches … Going on –  all year round For – 11-12 c. students and adults Price  – 3 Eur Duration – 1 hour Number of participants  – 10 to 50 people

Hour of tea in Rokiškis Manor

We kindly invite you to enjoy a cup of tea, discover this old drink again, find out why the aromatic steaming liquid is called tea and how it has reached our land. You will be able to grab a short time and touch the luxury – the tea is served in porcelain cups with herbs […]