“Secrets of Clay”

You are not afraid to get your hands dirty, you want to get lost in your dreams, relax and create a clay bowl with your hands – we are waiting for you! During the education, you will stick from the plastic shingle clay, construct a piece of corded ceramic technique or from clay plates using […]

“Cheese path”

You will learn about the ancient ways of making dairy products, will see ethnographic milk tanning, butter beating and other dishes, cheeses made by AB „Rokiškio sūris“ at the festively decorated table. Going on – all year round For – children and adults Price – 2-4 Eur Duration – 1 hrs. Number of participants – […]

The secret of handmade soap

During the education you will learn how to make soap, create your own unique recipe by choosing your favorite smell, dye soap with natural paint and pack it as a gift. You will be able to experiment, because soap can be various! For – children and adults Going on – all year round Price – 2 […]

Fairy tale – education “wolf, goat and kid”

The artistic puppet theatre program, in which children will listen to the following fairy tale and will play their own role in creating the role of wolf Pilk, goat Cibos, baby goats and Calvary. They will be inspired by Wind, Rain, and wooden music instrumental played by audiences. Going on  – all year long For – […]

„My ancestry’s childhood“

The program is conducted in a smoky purchase – the environment inhabited by people of the 19th century. It has plenty of tasteful gadgets that you can touch: millstones malsite grains, you hit the seeds in the crust. You will see how it was spitted, washed away. When you sit around the table, you will […]