May 21st. traditional bicycle hike “Golgotos kelius” is organized. Kamaish direction “. In celebration of the celebration of the Partisans, the army and the unity of society, the Rokiškis Regional Museum together with the Rokiškis Division of the Lithuanian Political Prisoners and Exiles, the Rokiškis Division of the Union of Political Prisoners and Deportees, district volunteers and Rokiškis Juozas Tumo Vaizgantas history teachers from 2012 organize a tradition of a bicycle ride “Golgotos kelius” Places.

Cycling trip “Going to the road. Kamaish direction ”

  • Length is 25 kilometers.
  • The duration of the trip is 6 hours.
  • In order to keep track of the safety of the participants, the route will travel on the roads of local significance.
  • The tourists will be accompanied by police and sponsor crews.
  • The riders will be brought to Rokiškis from Kamaji, organized by public transport and sponsors.
Location: Array