1803 Juozapas Daumantas Sesickis, the owner of Vengerinė manor, brought a chapel to the village, enlarged it and built the first wooden church in Žiobiškis. Church was to small, so locals start to think that it would be good to have a bigger church. In 1902, when an energetic and clever pastor Fr. For Vincent Zapkas arrived construction of the shrine began. Engineers Pranas Kontrimas and Adolfas Oginskis designed churches project where construction has many towers, but it was desided to adjust plan that it cost as little, as possible.

Finally, church of Žiobiškis was completed in 1911. Buil of field stone and burnt bricks with beautifully accentuated window’s sills. The sanctuary is neogothic style reminds cross form and has 54 meters height tower and 4 small towers.

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