Alė Rūta (tikr. Elena Viktorija Nakaitė-Arbačiauskienė-Arbienė) – Lithuanian writer, poet, prose writer, activist of Lithuanian society in the USA, born on 16 November  1915. in Petrograd, Russia, died on 31 December,  2011 in Santa Monica, California, USA.

She published her first works while still studying at the gymnasium, later she started to collaborate with magazines “Naujoji vaidilutė”, “Ateities spinduliai”, “Studentų diena”, “Naujoji Romuva” and others. She wrote on literary and cultural issues, printed images of prose, and poetry.  In 1942 for the performance “Grasshopper and Ants”, she was awarded the prize of the magazine “Žiburėlis”. She has created over 30 works:short stories, poetry collections, travel impressions, but the most significant part of her work is considered to be novels. Her works have been published in Germany, Canada, Great Britain, the USA and Lithuania. She received the literary prize for the novel “Short day”.

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