Gastro-tourism or tasting experiences becoming more and more popular among travelers. An evening in George is unimaginable without the glass of local wine, Italy is famous for its pizza, Spain is teasing with paella, come back from Belgium without trying the chocolate would be unforgivable. And what kind of dishes a guest must try in Lithuania?

With the help of an expert and more than 10 000 Lithuanians who were voting for Lithuanian dishes we managed to put menu together for a 3 day trip. 15 dishes that got most votes will become a part of Lithuanian gastronomic narrative for experience seekers and most of the Lithuanian restaurants going to serve these dishes.

Restaurants that can offer one or three day menu are going to be marked with a national menu sticker so Lithuanian cuisine lovers and gastro tourists from abroad could easily spot it and try dishes that were voted.


Source: national tourism development agency “Travel Lithuania”

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