Craft is the heart and blood of every community, maintaining vitality, which promotes continuous improvement and growth. Rokiškis raised many great craftsmen, their exceptional works astonishingly little fellow, so guests arrived. These are people who work passionately, responsibly, professionally and with all their hearts. We invite you to get acquainted with the most prominent Rokiškis craftsmen and their products are being developed, to hear the wonderful stories! We have no doubt that you will be impressed.

The values of the cultural heritage need to be considered in a complex way, and other areas of policy should be used for the benefit of the heritage. Conversely, the potential of a cultural heritage is exploited for the needs of other spheres. Traditional crafts and services Rokiškis throughout Lithuania is broad in scope, covering activities such as stone grinding, roofing, wood carvings, pottery, folk musical instruments and other ethnic heritage stuff production, gastronomy, pasture and winemaking, chimney sweeping, traditional singing of the national growing of old plants and livestock, etc.

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