Although there is Synagogue Street in Rokiškis, you will not be able to find any synagogues there.

Until 1941 in the city of Rokiškis there were four synagogues: one in Pirties street, the other three in the current Synagogue street. These three synagogues were  different format and different colors – it were similar to Lithuania flag colors: the yellow was for the disciples of the Talmud, green – for the rich people and housewives, and red (the biggest) for everyone. It is said that inside red synagogue there were ghosts. So, it was used rarely. Unfortunately, during World War II, the synagogues were burned down by the Nazis.

In 2015 an information stand was build in Rokiškio Sinagogų Street to commemorate the Rokiškis Litvak community and the synagogues that stood here.

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