Holocaust Victims’ site in Antanaįš village, Obeliai eldership. In  1941 August 25 1160 Jews of Kamajai, Rokiškis, Pandėlys and Obeliai were killed here.

Part of the Jews of Rokiškis district (mostly women and children) in 1941 were concentrated in the Antanašė manor near Obeliai.  On the eve of the massacre, Soviet prisoners of war dug two large pits on the edge of the Degsnės forest (about 1.5 km from the manor).  In total, about  120–160 soldiers of the Rokiškis security company and police officers of the Obeliai district took part in the massacre. Before the shooting, the Jews had to take off their outer clothes.  According to the Jäger report, 1160 Jews were killed in Antanašė: 112 men, 627 women and 421 children.

How to find?

Drive from Dusetos towards Obeliai (roads 178 and 117). Before approaching the town, turn right, where there is a sign to Aleksandravėlė. Drive about 800 meters on road 3621. You will see a memorial on the hill on the left.


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