Owner of Ratkūnai manor Antanas Kamarauskas built a wooden church in Suvainiškis in 1782. Unfortunately, in 1832 Russian government closed the monastery and church, abolished parish. By the care of pastor Antanas Mackevičius, current stone church was built in 1862-1863. Church is a historical example of eclecticism and romanticism styles. Ceilings and walls are decorated with plaster ornaments by A. Andriekus from Biržai. In church there are three neo-romanesque style altars.

1987 October 23th Council of Europe, which is located in Strasbourg, announced a Declaration of Santiago de Compostela and declared st. Jacob’s path and its branches throughout Europe as the first European cultural path. In declaration map there also is Lithuania with marked two st. Jacob path branches through country.

Inner path – St. Jacob way ring connecting all eleven St. Jacob’s churches in Lithuania. Suvainiškis st. apostle Jokūbas Church also belongs to this path.

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