The Struvė geodetic arc is a circle of about 2820 km long triangulation, designed to accurately determine the length of the Earth’s meridian arc and calculate the shape and size of the best-fitting Earth’s ellipsoid parameters. The difference in the geographic latitudes of the chain ends is 25 ° 20 ‘. Named astronomer on behalf of Frederick George Wilhelm Struve.

The Struvė geodetic arch extends from the Danube to the Black Sea to Fugennes (Norway) on the Arctic Ocean coast,  from 45 ° 20 ‘to 70 ° 40’ north latitude and crosses the current 10 states: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. For the calculation of the meridian arc, fragments of triangulation networks measured in the above countries are used, resulting in a chain consisting of 12 sections, embedded between astronomical points, containing 10 measured bases and connecting 259 triangulation points.

XIX century it was the most accurately measured and longest meridian arc, whose measurements have been used for centuries to calculate and correct the Earth’s ellipsoid parameters.


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