Rokiškis is the only one in Lithuania that can be called the city of painted shutters. The houses on the main street are decorated with shutters.The idea of ​​reviving the tradition of home decoration came to the artist Arūnas Augutis in 2003, and in 2005, shutters painting became a successful project that lasts 15 years. Artist from all over Lithuania and neighbor countries takes part in this shutters painting project.

More than 300 shutters were painted during the plein airs.The houses of Rokiškis city streets are decorated with painted shutters, like Kaunas str., Kęstutis str., Ąžuolų str., Sodų str., Vilnius str., Mikėno str. and villages of  Rokiškis district, like Jurgiškiai, Kamajai, Antakriaunis, Bajorai, Salai, Šetekšnai  are decorated with painted shutters.

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