Virtual route. We offer to travel along the literary path of the Rokiškis region and get acquainted with the revived – memorials and meaningful events of its route – the birthplaces, homelands and the most important places of life of the creators. The material of the route testifies to the lives, places and beginnings of the creative path of people born in different centuries, but equally named in folk songs – Antanas Strazdas, Antanas Vienažindis, Paulius Širvys. The way of life, science and creativity of the famous Aukštaitija poet Elena Mezginaitė homeland and workplace, the first Lithuanian feminist – Liudvika Didžiulienė-Žona, the diaspora writers Liudas Dovydėnas and Alė Rūta merge into the literary knowledge of the country. The literary road of Rokiškis winds through the gel of Aleksandravėlė, Annapolis, Chedas, Degučiai, Kamajai, Kriaunai, Laibgaliai, Margėnai, Panemunėlis. station, Rudžiai, Salai, Trumpiškis area trails. Tourists traveling to literary places will see signs testifying to the life and work of Antanas Vienažindis, Liudvika Didžiulienė-Wife, Elena Mezginaitė, Paulius Širvis, Antanas Strazdas, Liudas Dovydėnas, Alė Rūta – updated information stands, wooden sculptures and other memorabilia. Tourists, following the link – will travel virtually on the literary route of Rokiškis road.

Virtual route

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