Did you know, that behind the high altar you can read the names of all the parishioners who contributed as much as possible to the construction of the church? Church was built in 1866-1885. The founder of the construction was count Reinold Tyzenhaus, but when he died in 1880 his sister Marija Tyzenhauzaitė – Pšezdziecka continued the work. It was believed that the cost of church building could reach a million rubles, but founders always answered: “God knows, so we don’t need to count.”

The exterior of the church is decorated with high-rise signs, a slate roof and a 56,5 meter high tower, which was later adapted to church. From tower it is possible to take a look to the city of Rokiškis. But the true beauty of the church lies inside it.

Although it is dark inside the church, but how many wonderful gothic objects there hides: the splendor of the high altar, statues of counts Tyzenhaus, woodworks made by hand, 24 voices organs! Visitors can see the underground chapel, where the representatives of all three related dynasties that ruled Rokiškis manor (dukes Krošinskiai, counts Tyzenhaus and Pšezdzieckiai) rests.



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