Raminta spring flows at the entrance of the town from the side of Antanašė, on the north–eastern shore of Lake Obeliai. The fresh spring rushes about 150 m from the shallow 2-3 m deep lake, in the part of the park between Krantas crossroad and Ežeras street. It is on a slope almost right next to J. Zauka street.

The legend tells a love story about a girl named Raminta and the warrior Žvitrius, who did not return from the battle. There is also a well-known story about Lake Obeliai, which tells about a sunken German palace and a money box.  It is not so easy to find both: (dvitaškio čia nereikia) the treasure in the muddy lake and  the brave yellow-haired Lithuanian girl  with her white horse at the spring. When nobody is watching, Raminta helps, comforts, and soothes any honest person who love their grandparents’ land.

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