In the center of  Kamajai town square there is a monument to the priest and poet Antanas Strazdas (1760-1833), unveiled at the centenary of his death. The author of the monument is sculptor A. Aleksandravičius.

Antanas Strazdas (1760–1833) – Lithuanian poet, author of the first printed collection of Lithuanian poems, Catholic priest. Due to his innate rebellious temperament and his own vocation as a priest, Strazdas resigned or lost the duties of Vicar of Kupiškis in 1801 and became a priest of missionary life, little subordinate to ecclesiastical authority. Traveling around Kupiškis, Obeliai parishes independently provided church services (mostly to peasants) and assisted for priests. In 1814 A. Strazdas wrote and published a collection of poetry “Giesmės svietiškos ir šventos” in Vilnius. One of Strazdas’ religious psalm “Giesmė prieš Mišią” (“Pulkim ant kelių”) from the 19th century the second half is still traditionally sung in Lithuanian Catholic churches on Sundays.

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