Onuškis Manor and Park (Juodupės sen.). The former protected area of ​​the Onuškis estate is 15.5 hectares with a park. Onuškis estate was first mentioned in 1522. In the 18th century, the area of ​​Onuškis belonged to the Rajeckai. At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, Onuškis was bought by Joseph Komaras (the owner of Raguvėlė estate), who died in 1849. His son Theophilus (1800-1861) built the palace of the late Classicism in Onuškis, (čia kablelio nereikia) with 11 columns on the facade in front of the park. It is believed that the palace was designed by a famous architect Cezaris Anikinis.

After the death of the palace builder T. Komaras, it was passed to his son Vladislav Komaras (1848-1896) and after his death – to his wife Mary and children. The estate went to  the Krasickiai by way of marriage, and in 1922, after the land reform began, it was. The Onuškis Palace was burned down during the First World War, although the artistic ruins withstood even the Second World War and  are still standing today. The park currently has two ponds. It grows over 21 species of native trees and shrubs. You can see the impressive European larches, Vermouth pine split into two carcasses, silver birch, oak, ash, sturdy maple trees. The spruce is growing on the northwest side of the park. Both Onuškis estate and park are abandoned, in bad condition.

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