We invite you to visit the newly restored Obeliai monument. This is a special composition of a small architecture, resembling the principles of interwar architecture. An authentic monument is important for anyone interested in the history and architecture of the region. A spectacular concrete monument was erected on the Obeliai cemetery, near the dead graves of the victims of the June uprising, with the funds of local residents. During the difficult German occupation, the people of  Obeliai Region offered funds for a concrete monument approximately 8 meters long and 3 meters high. For them, the monument was particularly expensive: it envisioned not only the rebellion against Soviet rule, but also the victims of the first Soviet occupation, the victims of the extinct people of the country. He symbolized a free, invincible Lithuania. The monument project was created by Gurijus Kateščenko, under the orders of the Obeliai Police Chief and Pastor Leonas Virkutis.

People buried here are Kazys Jankauskas, Petras Putra, Algis Stankevicius, Juozas Šnioka, Konstantinas Seibutis, Jonas Baltrušaitis and two unknown soldiers.
The initiator of the reconstruction of the monument is Donatas Smalinskas, Head of the State Language Inspectorate, who came from Obeliai.

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