The mound is located on the left bank of the massive hill Laukupė, on the left side of the road Rokiškis-Pandėlys. It is possible to reach the highway 123 from Biržai-Pandėlys-Rokiškis, turning to Laukupė Bridge southwest to the left, turning 100 m to the right in the north-west direction and 500 m. On the slopes of the mound is encircled by two ditch-daisies rings. This monument of archeology was explored by L. Kšivickis in 1909 and 1911. There are traces of the ancient settlement at the foot of the mound. The Moškėnai Mound was famous for the Whip Exit. The Pentecost celebrated the neighborhood youth, families with children. Recovery during the break on the Moškėnai Hill, a girl who grew up as if she had “recorded” girls. The visit of Moeschenai Hill to the people of Panemunė and the adjacent parishes was associated with the emergence of the breasts with a rising mermaid. About Žiobiškis he said: “The morgen was already with the cats, on the mountain of Moškėnai”. And about Skapiškis they talked that on the Moškėnai Hill, the girls of the size of their chosen breasts were able to choose themselves.

After the project was completed, the mound was restored. A well-kept mound has a lot of grounds, is equipped with a wooden staircase trail with carriages, a car parking lot with a chipping stove at the bottom. The mound has become an attractive and comfortable place to relax, admire the views of the surrounding countryside, Laukupis streams. The cultural events of the mound are revived: poetry spring readings, secular celebrations, communal Rasa celebrations with ethnocultural rites that took place here three decades ago and even earlier.


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