Monument to the pedagogue A. Busilas (1889-1951) at the birthplace of Aukštakojai village, Kriaunos eldership.

Antanas Busilas – a local writer, pedagogue, press worker, translator, and author of textbooks, wrote mathematics and Lithuanian language textbooks for schools, but he was no stranger to the world of fairy tales. A. Busilas was interested in psychology and children’s development. The author tried to tap into the children hearts through printed words.

Antanas Busilas was one of the reformers of school teaching, whose ideas are still relevant today. Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning, A. Busilas gave priority not to the theoretical solution of mathematics and geometry problems, but to the acquisition of talents that would provide an opportunity to solve any life problems. He was one of the first in Lithuania to raise the idea of ​​the connection between teaching and real life.


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