The spring spills out of the ground in at least three places. At its source, the confluence forms a rather fast creek, which flows into the Šaltuoja creek – a tributary of the Vyžuona river. The environment of the spring is maintained: a stone table and a staircase are installed; a stone wall is made to reinforce the slope.

The water flows westwards. This place is still loved by the Old Believers during the St. Peter’s (Petrovka) Festival (July 12). On the eves of the prewar, people would gather not only from Lithuania but also from ​​Latvia, Daugavpils area. The meadow near the spring would become the main arena for the festival. Truth be told, Catholic youth loved to organize their gatherings in the same place. At all times of the year and especially on St. Peter’s Day, people would use the spring water for drinking and washing their hands.

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