The mound is located on a promontory on the eastern edge of a deep valley. The site is square, 45×30 m in size. On its north-eastern edge, a 0.4 m high, 4 m wide embankment was dug, behind which a 5 m wide, 0.7 m deep ditch was dug. A second 35 m long, 1.2 m high, 6 m wide semicircular embankment with a 1.7 m high outer slope was poured behind the ditch. On the south-southwest slope, 5 m below the site there is a sloping 2 m wide terrace, on the southeast slope a 15x8m terrace. The slopes are steep, 16 m high, built in the upper part.

The mound was plowed, pits dug in the site. It is overgrown with conifers.

In the eastern foothills, on an area of 0.5 ha, there is a foothill settlement where molded pottery has been found.

The mound dates back to the end of the 1st millennium BC – the 1st millennium


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