The Rokiškis Regional Tourist Society organizes 2-3 day canoe trips along the rivers and lakes of the Rokiškis region, rivers Neris, Gauja (Latvia). For rent 12 excellent condition, comfortable kayak. Kayak transport, travel and transportation services are provided.


  • Holy River. Užpaliai – Anykščiai (Various sections 2-3 days)
  • Kriaunos river, Sartai lake. Obeliai – Sartai (Various Sections, 2-3 Days)
  • Neris River Vilnius – Kernavė (2 nights tent) </ li>
  • Gauja River (Latvia). Cesis – Sigulda (accommodation in Ligatne County Farms, 2 days)
  • Cost is negotiable.

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