As the summer joy grows, we often hide in nature, have dinner outside and enjoy the pleasures of the sauna. However, it is rare to know that the largest sauna in Lithuania operates in the Ilzenbergas manor (Rokiškis district), dating from a 500-year-old history, on the picturesque lagoon of Ilgis lake. There can be 25 at the same time, and even more than 30 entertainers have gotten in love.

The pleasures of the manor house can be tested by everyone who decides to visit the manor. You can stay for a night in the Craft House. The old, yet modern and cozy stone building has 12 sleeping places, a cozy living room with a fireplace, a kitchen.
The Ilzenbergas estate does not need to scratch its head for food – the farm located in the Ilzenbergas estate, which produces and sells healthy products. This farm operates on the biodynamic basis – it grows and produces healthy food, does not use absolutely any chemical fertilizers and other synthetic additives, cares about environmental preservation, plant and animal welfare. It calls on all its eaters, who bring food baskets to the major cities of Lithuania.
At the farm, tasting of healthy biodynamic products is prepared, and lunch is served.

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Ilzenbergo k.4, Juodupės seniūnija, Rokiškio rajonas


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