Did you know that most manors have their own scary or love stories. Surrounded by a century-old park, adorned with a mighty oak tree, Ilzenbergas manor can not only tell a love story, but also invite romantic and curious people to go to the Love island in the middle of the lake. The largest biodynamic farm in the Baltic States has been established here: the plants receive natural organic fertilizers, cattle and birds are fed with fodder grown and produced on the farm, the fields are planted using crop rotation method, thus naturally producing a good harvest. The manor has returned to its roots: people live and work here again.

Price of park visiting (park is open 24/7):

  • 7 Eur for an adult;
  • 5 Eur for a child from 7 years, a senior, a disabled person.

Tickets can be purchased at the SELF-SERVICE checkout.

Manor visiting is possible only with a guide.

Address & Contact

Our Address

Ilzenbergo k.4, Juodupės seniūnija, Rokiškio rajonas


56.159986663057, 25.525140643906