The Ilzenbergas estate (Juodupė sen.), Which is famous for its beauty, tranquility and untouched nature for more than five centuries, is a real treasure of history. Even in the sixteenth century the residence, which was originally founded at the beginning, reminds of the greatness of the four famous dynasties, wars, insurrections, the progress of the interwar Lithuania, and the courageous Soviet regime.

Ilzenbergas estate in 1515 founded Berndt Kerssenbrock, the lord of the Livonian Order. The Kerssenbrock tribe of German nobility hosted the manor until 1616. In the seventeenth century, owners of the Ilzenbergas estate changed several times. Kerssenbrock was replaced by Wilhelm Heyck, later hosted by nobles von Korff and von Sacken. 1687 Ilsenberga’s estate was bought by Adam von Orgies-Rutenberg, and his descendants held the estate in their hands until 1863.

1863-1896 Ilzenbergas estate was ruled by NN Fuchs. He rebuilt the Ilzenbergas palace, which, in essence, remained unchanged until this day. In 1896 the manor was bought by Lithuanian nobleman engineer Eugenijus Dimša. After his death in 1918 the owners of Ilzenberga’s estate were his wife Livia and daughters Janina Clara and Livia Emilia.

1940 The Ilzenbergas estate was confiscated by the Soviet authorities. 1948 Ilzenbergas Manor house was handed over to the collective farm “Aušra”. 1958 Aušra collective farm was reorganized into the Onuškis Soviet Farm. 1966 The Ilzenberga’s estate together with the park went to “Ekranas” Panevėžys factory.

A manor house located between Lakes and Lakes Roundabouts after many years of decline since 2003. And again creates a story based on centuries-old traditions of the Lithuanian nation.
Ilzenbergas park and buildings (the manor house is being renovated and other buildings are already being restored) have to be restored and cherished, requiring great love, patience, work and time. The Ilzenburgas estate was renovated by its new owners for a new mission – the largest biodynamic farm in the Baltic States was set up. The mansion has returned to its roots: people live and work here, animals are grown, fields are sown, and the community is booming. Now Ilzenbergas is producing  only extremely clean and natural agricultural produce.
We invite you to stumble across the paths of a gorgeous manor park with a total length of more than three kilometers, try to hug a mighty oak grove in the park, published as a state protected natural heritage site, to touch the cannons that mark the Swedish-Russian war and the pontoon bridge to walk into the legendy Love Island on Lake Ilgio , which on the next shore is the neighboring Latvia.

Services (Agree in advance):

• Swimming in a man’s bathhouse
• Recreation (overnight) at the manor house
• Carriage ride
• Photo session at the manor park
• Outdoor playground with seating for events (up to 500 people)
• Special lodging lighting for events
• Nutrition (tasting or lunch for biodiverse products and products produced)
• Delivery of grocery baskets (online ordering)

Visiting Hours:

Saturday and Sunday from 9h to 17h
On other days and groups with a guide – agree in advance.
Ticket price – 2 Euros.


Our Address:

Ilzenbergo k.4, Juodupės seniūnija, Rokiškio rajonas


56.159800713598, 25.524616755987

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