Welcome to enjoy grilled dishes at manor’s restaurant in the Ilzenberg park surrounded by hundred year old trees, where love and harmony is in the air. Restaurant is waiting for the guests with open arms from May to September.

The GRILL restaurant uses two types of grills for the dishes – gas grill and charcoal grill. In the new smokehouse they prepare chicken that was raised in their farm, fish that was caught nearby and the famous smoked eggs. 

These grilled dishes are made out of love for nature and the culture of manor. The menu is full of dishes that are admired by the guests for its naturalness. The GRILL restaurant of Ilzenberg Manor is a great place to eat during seminars, friends, family and work events or friends gatherings.

You can taste the signature dish of the restaurant – smoked eggs.

Lithuanians like grilled food and manors for hundreds years have been like cultural nests that were never outrun by the innovations. For that reason, in the Ilzenberg Manor that is located in the Rokiškis region, you can taste not only tradicional dishes but more exotic too. For example smoked eggs from their chickens or Vietnamese soup Pho that was prepared on the grill.

You ask how the Pho soup is related to the manor? Well, the manors always liked innovations, something different or exotic. After mentioning noble cuisine everyone thinks of the animals hunted in the wild but actually, even in those times, the hunting was more for the fun than the food.

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Open from May to September