1919 January 1 for the first time in the tower of Gediminas Castle, the Lithuanian flag spread. This symbolic feat was performed by a platoon of 10 Lithuanian soldiers volunteers led by Vilnius City Commandant Kazys Škirpa. Unfortunately, the raised Lithuanian flag did not last long. January 6 the Bolsheviks who occupied Vilnius desecrated the flag, tearing off the yellow and green colors from the flag, leaving only the red one, and raised the flag back.

One of these volunteers is a local, colonel-lieutenant Petras Gužas, born in the village of Kreipšiai, Skapiškis district, Rokiškis county. 1918 joined the Lithuanian Armed Forces as a volunteer. He was appointed Senior Adjutant of the Vilnius Commandant’s Office. 1919 he was awarded the rank of lieutenant. Then he was appointed a commander of the line company in the Ninth Infantry Regiment of Duke Vytenis.

With this regiment took part in the battles against the Bolsheviks near the Daugava, in the section of the Kazimieriškės-Nichonovka front. Since 1920 participates in fights with Poles in the sections of the Kalkūnai – Turmantas – Salakas front. In the autumn of the same year, he took part in the battles for Vilnius. In 1930 Petras Gužas was released into reserve.1940 Petras Gužas ​​moves to Germany with his family. He returned to Lithuania three years later.  Participated in underground activities. Since 1944 he worked as a history teacher in Rokiškis. 1945 died suddenly of a heart attack on January 29. Buried in the old cemetery of Rokiškis.

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