The first drawings that appeared in Juodupė: “Girl” and “Boy” – symbolises a new beginning, hope, movement and growth. And it is also a choice coordinated with the locals, most of whom, during a meeting with the artist, expressed a desire to paint people, to have emotion and to have colors.

A girl in a light summer dress takes care of flowers – a lot of girls and women in this girl recognize themselves as children.

The boy is a friend to a girl who is watering the land of Juodupė with a watering can, which contributes to the growth, renewal and revival of the place. It also maintains the mood of the girl.

This couple is also symbolic as a common vision for Juodupė, as “recipients” of alternative art and as a meaning to the history of all the children who have lived, grown, and will grow up here. The child is always free (to choose, to want or not to want, to wonder and create), the child is always growing and at the same time nurturing (both parents and the environment), the child is always an emotion. And they lead our lives.

Drawing creator “Gyva grafika”.

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