How to travel without standing up from the sofa? Well, there is a book or cinema. About Lithuanian roles in foreign movies we’ve heard already but how many Lithuanian places can you acknowledge in Lithuanian movies? While creative groups looking for cinematic locations, they usually browse through the country better than most curious local tourists. Even though film tourism is only taking its first steps in Lithuania but national tourism development agency “Lithuania Travel” and tourism centers promote to watch Lithuanian cinema and after pandemic – find those places in real life. They say that a part of cinema magic stays in a filming place.

After roads around Lithuania opens up cinema can show you a way to the beach where “Lošėjas” (eng: “The Gambler” 2013) hide his money, to the cafeterias that is perfect for a “Tobulas pasimatymas” (eng: “A Perfect date” 2020), to the countryside where smelled like a “Riešutinė duona” (eng: “Nut bread” 1978), to the lake where Jurga was swimming from “Velnio nuotaka” (eng: “Devil’s Bride” 1974), next to the mosque in Kaunas where “Mano mažytė žmona” (eng: “My Little Wife” 1984) was living close by or even to the manor where the mustache that was used for filming 50 years ago for Tadas Blinda.


Sources: national tourism development agency “Lithuania Travel”

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