Čedasas Ornithological Conservation Area (131.62 ha) Rokiškis village because of the extremely rare bird – the Black Sea urchin, Čedasas and its surroundings have been declared ornithological sanctuary since 2005 and protected by the European Union (EU) as an important bird area with strict prohibitions. Therefore, the black seagull here has a special status – it’s called the Queen of Čedasas. The reserve is one of the largest black seagull in the country: there are 20 to 50 black seagull pairs found there.

More rare and endangered species of birds and fishes are stored here. There is a very rare bird of water here – the Great Bustard (just two or three pairs), more family of ducks. In addition to these birds, Čedasas is rich in EU-preserved corncrake, reed springs, two families of common woodpeckers, river seagulls. The latter are included in the Red Book. An experienced naturalist here can hear the sound of the extremely rare bird – švygždas included in the Red Book and protected under the EU Birds Habitats Directive. In the lake Čedasas, there is an endangered fish – vijūnas, which is included in the Lithuanian Red Book.

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