In the center town of Biržai the road of Aukštaitija separates in two. If you turn to the right you will be headed towards to Pabiržė and after that to the Pakruojis, where you will reach the main road of “Camino Lituano”. HOWEVER, if you turn to the left next to the former Panevežys Post you will get on the new branch of the Aukštaitija road . You will walk through Papilys, Panemunis, Rokiškis and Salos. This seven stages road doesn’t have the end yet (it’s not in official “Camino Lituano” road yet). But it’s all marked and goes through historical, cultural objects and beautiful landscape in the northeast part of Lithuania. We invite you to walk through the new “Camino Lituano” branch because we are here not only so you could reach the goal but also so you could get to know and find something new. We suggest you to stop by the Panemunėlis. It’s very rare that whole history of the town is a part of one person. When in 1872 the pastor Jonas Katelė was transferred to the parish of Panemunėlis the timid villagers had no idea that this servant of god is going to change whole history of the town. Don’t rush too much in Rokiškis town because it’s a beautiful painted window shutters town. Full of romantic stories Salos and its manor is going to be a great finding for those, who have never been here. And it’s a no surprise because where are manors, there are legends. Walking from Biržai to Salos you going to find some adventures on the way because in one of the stages you’ll have to go through the river Šetekšna.

In Rokiškis you will find 4 stages of the road.

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